cm 60x60 pure white

"The strength of color, the energy of vibrant material, the bold and contrasting combinations"

Antonio’s artistic world comes alive with countless women portrayed with anatomical and coloristic mastery; his muses assume various poses and are tinged with vivid and bright colors, embodying elegance, pride, humanity, emotionality, eroticism and sensuality



60x40 hot yellow

By artistic multiple we mean a work of art conceived and designed by the artist to be made in several copies, so each piece is an author's example



cm 60 x 60 blue

The artistic multiple is usually made in a predetermined, numbered and signed edition.
These are always works of art, expressed in the artistic language of the author's multiples, which follow the more overall production of the same artist; this does not mean having a copy of the original, but a piece that the author produced specifically for that medium, thus in dialogue with the rest of his production



cm 60x60 brushed aluminum

An infinite play of colors, material inserts, extravagant collages, mirrored and colorful backgrounds are the perfect setting for the woman who populate Antonio’s works, also in the field of graphics



65x50 brushed copper

The “Multiples” thus open a possible scenario towards greater usability, more extensive accessibility and widespread communication, thus allowing a desirable increase in users who can visually and emotionally dialogue with the characters of his works, thus entering themselves to make part of the artistic universe of Antonio Murgia.

Critico d’arte Michela Spagnolello


divinità sospesa

cm 65x50
brushed gold


cm 60x60

senza nuvole

cm 60x40

trasporto emozionale

cm 60x60
mirrored gray

thinking of none

cm 60x60
light pink

unruly hair

cm 50x50
brushed gold

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