cm 50 x 100

“Colour is a specific identity, nothing is determined beyond its existence.”
This is what comes to your mind while observing the faces painted by Antonio Murgia. Faces in which colour changes into light, form and sign.


cm 60 x 70

In Murgia’s artworks, the bold colour motifs take on a spiritual role, deeply in symbiosis with men. The apparently fanciful painting, resulting from of a long analytical suprasensible process, wakes up an art made of moments of deep meditation and processing.

HOF #2

cm 68 x 78

The faces are absorbed, overshadowed, scratched by colours reflecting the inner personal impulses and the path to examine the vital reality of the painted subject. Viewers find themselves in front of boundless figures, made of pure energy and delivering psychophysical feelings.

S.H. #01-02

cm 80 x 100

Every shade is an encounter with another shade and both build a very emotional language that is understood at subconscious level and can create then an experience that is highly emotional and physical, because you have the impression of a live contact with the painted identity.


cm 65 x 60

The expressive immediacy of the faces combines a sense of truth and authenticity, in which the colour eccentricities reflect the private, personal and behavioural experiences of the represented characters. In this way, they are conveyed to our vital space and we can benefit from their truth, which becomes alive through the artist’s hand.
Critico d’arte Mattea Micello


A cuor leggero #03


Timidamente tua #03

 cm 35 x 60

E' la vita C #01 b

Anima della festa

cm 180 x 120

G&P #01 A, 003


S.H. #02-02

cm 100 x 105

Al cuor non si comanda

cm 55x110

A cuor leggero B #02

cm 110 x 100

G&P #02 B, 001

Qual buon vento #02

cm 68 x 62

A cuor leggero B #01

cm 110 x 100

G&P #01 A, 001

E' la vita C #03

cm 53 x 62 x 20a

S.H. #01-04

cm 100 x 100

Al di sopra di ogni sospetto #01

cm 90x90

Timidamente tua #05

cm 35 x 60

S.H. #01-01

cm 90 x 125

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